The Theory

Living in LA is a dream. The weather is amazing. The restaurants are great. For some of us, it has the perfect mix of city life and personal space.

Living in LA is a nightmare. The people are dense. The car you drive defines you to others.

After living here for more than a decade, I have come to see opulent displays of wealth as normal, everyday occurrences. And for those displaying the wealth, apparently that’s the problem. Everyone else sees it everyday, and it doesn’t stand out. So those at the desperate edge, needing the most attention, enter the personalized license plate. But not just any plate, the plate that gave me a reason for this blog. The BNZ4BOZO plate.

So what defines a BNZ4BOZO plate? Two things:

First: a true BNZ4BOZO plate must reference the owner of the car, the clearer the better.

Second: the BNZ4BOZO plate must reference the car by brand or some other status indicator.

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