JAQSLEX – Water Fetcher Extraordinaire

I guess I’d rather see Jack spelled like this than those other great alternates like Jaxson and Mykul. But I’m hoping Jacques was just trying to respect the seven character rule here. If you think about it, license plates are like a super-short Twitter, really. So Jake is ready to Tweet!

OK, so where do you think you’d find such a LEX? Is it an SUV? Yes! Is it a Hybrid? No! Is it shiny? Yes! That means OC baby!

And what does the OC mean? It meanz myOChomie!

myOChomie say "what do Gille drive?"

2 thoughts on “JAQSLEX – Water Fetcher Extraordinaire

  1. Just found this website by chance. I saw a plate today on the back of an older Mercedes AMG that annoyed me – “469HPMB”. Anybody who would care would already know it’s a fast car. Also of note, in large white letters accross the top of the rear window “FIGHT OBAMA”.

  2. Sure. Any idiot who has to pound his muscle down your throat would just as easily have the nonsense in the window. Where’d you see the MB?

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