Q74SOPH – Audipus Wrecks

Soph was just sitting pretty there and I came on by but man that nighttime light just didn’t do any favors for my cam. But you get the gist, right? Soph is just so proud of her German SUV that she wants to tell the world! I’m the Queen of Beverly Hills! Or, yeah, in BH you’re more like the pre-teen in that downmarket starter car, but whatev.

BNZ4VIS – I got you!

I did it! I got him! VIS – I been tracking you!

I laid low. I waited it out. I been seeing you in my hood for too long now.

Then, there you were! Waiting at a stop sign. And I poured it on; sprinted to catch your old Benz.

And, I got the prize. My true BNZ4 brother. Welcome to the club!