CG S CAT – Power to the Space

CG, you couldn’t have come along at a better time. Last episode, we visited the uber-lame JB, who thought that a little extra work on his pl8 was necessary. But you found the answer! The space! You aren’t CGS at all, are you! My lord, you’re CG!

And, given the CAT you pilot, my supposition is that you hold the rank of barrister! Do I spy a wig on the backseat, awaiting your time in chambers?

JB’S SL – Aaarrrgghhh!

On the one hand, you kept that classic pretty stock. Can’t complain about that. Maybe a little license plate frame, sure, but none of the super-pimpy gold coatings for your Benz logo. So you get some credit.

But, come on. The apostrophe? Are you out of your mind with false pride? JB, if only we had an R in the house we could rearrange a bit and have JB’S LSR – and, no, that’s no for laser. And, no, that’s not possessive either.

JB, you could have had it so good! You could have kept the BOZO guessing here – is he JB? Or JBS? Hmm. Huh. Works both ways. Interesting. Ponder.

But, no. You had to whip out the black nail polish and take matters into your own hands. For shame!

TRAVRAV – Work with me

The doubters out there will say, hey BOZO, are you for real? You’re an idiot! That’s a traveling RAV4. Loser!

But I say, no, this is Travis’s kickin-it ride.

Or, maybe his name is T and he calls it his RAVRAV because that sounds just slightly more manly than calling it his RAVy-poo.

RICK X5 – Welcome, Ladies!

Ladies, Rick is a man of few words. He sticks to the important stuff. Ladies, Rick is a classy man. Ladies, Rick drives an X5. Ladies, in case you didn’t know Rick drives and X5 from the Beemer-installed lettering on the back, Rick has gone above and beyond to demonstrate his wealth with a personalized license plate pointing out his X5-itude.

Ladies, if you missed both of those declarations of Rick’s status, he’s willing to give you a third shot. Ladies, witness Rick’s final attention-grabber: the LameFrame, in chrome, as is customary.

Rick doesn’t need possessives – those demand punctuation. But you know what he means.

Finally, Ladies, please understand that Rick is a down to earth guy, also. Witness the minivans on either side. Ladies, Rick was shopping at Target when I just barely noticed his X5Ness.

Unreal OC Action – GARYS TR

It’s indeed strange when the furthest back in history a particular society can remember is the days of silicone implants (power to the saline, baby!) but such is the case in Orange County.

But wait! Last episode we proved that life existed in the OC back in the sixties. And now, a glimmer from the seventies!

Dig the Vinyl "Top"

OK – so as if this nascent history isn’t strange enough – any guesses on where this shot was taken, and by whom? No – not myOChomie. Yes, I’ve got another contributor. He’s an OC native who was visiting his homeland and found this bad boy. Now, where did he do so? At the Club. Not Price Club, although that is his favorite place (newcomers may be heard calling this shrine “Costco”). No, this was at the golf Club.

Think GARY can get a bag of irons in that trunk?

NICKS65 – StockLike!

Who says Orange County has no history? Here’s proof that history has, at least, been driven over the border. How will all of the Maclaren’s react to this classic in their midst? Will a Spyder roar by enviously? Hmm . . . I’m thinking I’ve got a great script idea for a Cars 2. Pixar: call me!


OK, yeah, there’s a LameFrame here, but you gotta give Nick props for keeping his car in orig condition – down to the peeling paint. Bet those vinyl seats really stick to the exposed flesh from your Daisy Duke’s come summer!

Do I spy a Beemski in the driveway?