CG S CAT – Power to the Space

CG, you couldn’t have come along at a better time. Last episode, we visited the uber-lame JB, who thought that a little extra work on his pl8 was necessary. But you found the answer! The space! You aren’t CGS at all, are you! My lord, you’re CG!

And, given the CAT you pilot, my supposition is that you hold the rank of barrister! Do I spy a wig on the backseat, awaiting your time in chambers?

JB’S SL – Aaarrrgghhh!

On the one hand, you kept that classic pretty stock. Can’t complain about that. Maybe a little license plate frame, sure, but none of the super-pimpy gold coatings for your Benz logo. So you get some credit.

But, come on. The apostrophe? Are you out of your mind with false pride? JB, if only we had an R in the house we could rearrange a bit and have JB’S LSR – and, no, that’s no for laser. And, no, that’s not possessive either.

JB, you could have had it so good! You could have kept the BOZO guessing here – is he JB? Or JBS? Hmm. Huh. Works both ways. Interesting. Ponder.

But, no. You had to whip out the black nail polish and take matters into your own hands. For shame!