TRAVRAV – Work with me

The doubters out there will say, hey BOZO, are you for real? You’re an idiot! That’s a traveling RAV4. Loser!

But I say, no, this is Travis’s kickin-it ride.

Or, maybe his name is T and he calls it his RAVRAV because that sounds just slightly more manly than calling it his RAVy-poo.

RICK X5 – Welcome, Ladies!

Ladies, Rick is a man of few words. He sticks to the important stuff. Ladies, Rick is a classy man. Ladies, Rick drives an X5. Ladies, in case you didn’t know Rick drives and X5 from the Beemer-installed lettering on the back, Rick has gone above and beyond to demonstrate his wealth with a personalized license plate pointing out his X5-itude.

Ladies, if you missed both of those declarations of Rick’s status, he’s willing to give you a third shot. Ladies, witness Rick’s final attention-grabber: the LameFrame, in chrome, as is customary.

Rick doesn’t need possessives – those demand punctuation. But you know what he means.

Finally, Ladies, please understand that Rick is a down to earth guy, also. Witness the minivans on either side. Ladies, Rick was shopping at Target when I just barely noticed his X5Ness.