RICK X5 – Welcome, Ladies!

Ladies, Rick is a man of few words. He sticks to the important stuff. Ladies, Rick is a classy man. Ladies, Rick drives an X5. Ladies, in case you didn’t know Rick drives and X5 from the Beemer-installed lettering on the back, Rick has gone above and beyond to demonstrate his wealth with a personalized license plate pointing out his X5-itude.

Ladies, if you missed both of those declarations of Rick’s status, he’s willing to give you a third shot. Ladies, witness Rick’s final attention-grabber: the LameFrame, in chrome, as is customary.

Rick doesn’t need possessives – those demand punctuation. But you know what he means.

Finally, Ladies, please understand that Rick is a down to earth guy, also. Witness the minivans on either side. Ladies, Rick was shopping at Target when I just barely noticed his X5Ness.

Unreal OC Action – GARYS TR

It’s indeed strange when the furthest back in history a particular society can remember is the days of silicone implants (power to the saline, baby!) but such is the case in Orange County.

But wait! Last episode we proved that life existed in the OC back in the sixties. And now, a glimmer from the seventies!

Dig the Vinyl "Top"

OK – so as if this nascent history isn’t strange enough – any guesses on where this shot was taken, and by whom? No – not myOChomie. Yes, I’ve got another contributor. He’s an OC native who was visiting his homeland and found this bad boy. Now, where did he do so? At the Club. Not Price Club, although that is his favorite place (newcomers may be heard calling this shrine “Costco”). No, this was at the golf Club.

Think GARY can get a bag of irons in that trunk?

BMR4DAD – myOChomie Strikes Again!

Invading driveways in his (or her!) native Newport, Holmes is on a postman-style shooting spree. Look at this beauty!

Now, I’ve been know to park my sta-way facing out, but that’s to unload my hatch into the kitchen. Me thinks DAD is just trying to say to the ladays “I’m a Dad, so I’m safe, but I drives a BEEMER, so my middle name is Daynger!”

Yeah. Keep working there, 3-series.

myOChomie say "MBZ4MOM?"

KRIS VET – Not much to say

KRIS, you’re not leaving me a lot to work with here. You, like Rik, drive a Vette. Now, I suppose that in the land of the witty double entendre, you could also be a military vet, or an animal vet, but I’m thinking that wasn’t really the gist of the plate. I think it’s plain-and-simple “I’m Kris. I drive a Vette.” And, Kris, much luck to you and your Vette.


Ladies, Kris drives a Vette

Ladies, meet Kris. Kris drives a Vette.

KIMS ML – Tres Specific

A unique theme among the proud Benzer is drilling down to the model. It’s as if to say, “we all know what we’re talking about there. A Benz is the ONLY car. So what’s important is WHICH Benz.” Yeah. Keep drinking the Kool-aid.

Kim, to you I apologize. The picture isn’t great. It doesn’t demonstrate your shiny rims, or your limo tint – both worthy upgrades, to be sure. But, alas, I was able to capture your slam-it-down-my-throat license plate frame. Now that must have been hard to find! It’s all black and scripty! Wow wee!

I’m starting to think that maybe the problem with a Mercedes is, it doesn’t say “Mercedes” on the back. So smartees like Kim are taking matters into their own hands. And think of the brilliant company that brought the “Mercedes” license plate frame to market! All of these people are outdoing Mercedes itself!

OK, that’s enough. I’m getting ML fatigue.


Guessing . . . Mercedes - Right?

Guessing . . . Mercedes - Right?


Rick, Rick, you are a rhymin’ fool of TXT. And, maybe a hint of a mid-life crisis? Perish the thought.

And a bit of a puzzler to, eh? Who among us outsiders would know what a C6 is? Only the Corvettescenti, that’s who.

Rick, in the words of Steve from the original 90210, “So I hear you drive a Vette?”


Rollin' Rick

Rollin' Rick