Unreal OC Action – GARYS TR

It’s indeed strange when the furthest back in history a particular society can remember is the days of silicone implants (power to the saline, baby!) but such is the case in Orange County.

But wait! Last episode we proved that life existed in the OC back in the sixties. And now, a glimmer from the seventies!

Dig the Vinyl "Top"

OK – so as if this nascent history isn’t strange enough – any guesses on where this shot was taken, and by whom? No – not myOChomie. Yes, I’ve got another contributor. He’s an OC native who was visiting his homeland and found this bad boy. Now, where did he do so? At the Club. Not Price Club, although that is his favorite place (newcomers may be heard calling this shrine “Costco”). No, this was at the golf Club.

Think GARY can get a bag of irons in that trunk?

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