RRVR4CC – Got it all in!

Submitted by Sam, this beauty rates an A+ to the Bozo! Everything is in there – the statusy ride, the texty 4, and the cheeky initials. Couldn’t ask for a more self-absorbed trust fund baby!
Thanks, CC, for helping us on the road to an economic recovery! Oh – and the road to dependence on foreign oil!

RICK X5 – Welcome, Ladies!

Ladies, Rick is a man of few words. He sticks to the important stuff. Ladies, Rick is a classy man. Ladies, Rick drives an X5. Ladies, in case you didn’t know Rick drives and X5 from the Beemer-installed lettering on the back, Rick has gone above and beyond to demonstrate his wealth with a personalized license plate pointing out his X5-itude.

Ladies, if you missed both of those declarations of Rick’s status, he’s willing to give you a third shot. Ladies, witness Rick’s final attention-grabber: the LameFrame, in chrome, as is customary.

Rick doesn’t need possessives – those demand punctuation. But you know what he means.

Finally, Ladies, please understand that Rick is a down to earth guy, also. Witness the minivans on either side. Ladies, Rick was shopping at Target when I just barely noticed his X5Ness.

NICKS65 – StockLike!

Who says Orange County has no history? Here’s proof that history has, at least, been driven over the border. How will all of the Maclaren’s react to this classic in their midst? Will a Spyder roar by enviously? Hmm . . . I’m thinking I’ve got a great script idea for a Cars 2. Pixar: call me!


OK, yeah, there’s a LameFrame here, but you gotta give Nick props for keeping his car in orig condition – down to the peeling paint. Bet those vinyl seats really stick to the exposed flesh from your Daisy Duke’s come summer!

Do I spy a Beemski in the driveway?

CLS4MEE – Like Nice Clean Teeth

Hmm. Definitely a tough nut to crack here.

Giddy like a three-year-old, as in “candy for MEEEEE!”

Or some great accidental initials like KGB or MRI.

Well, the mystery will remain unsolved. But this baby does sparkle!

And, ah, no need to point out the MBness of this all – straight to the bling model, baby.

Those in the know, know the CLS

Those in the know, know the CLS


Man, the heights I went to to get this pic! Actually, I have no idea why I seem to be flying over this car. But the good news is that, on the off-chance that I didn’t know what model of car this was, I had some nice, four inch high letters to tell me!

It’s true, the MINI is a car that doesn’t really stick out from the crowd, much like a Smart Car. So without some way to draw extra attention to it, most of us would  just assume it’s a Ford Taurus or something. Not a problem with TRS MINI. TR was good enough to give it that extra oomph.


Got it? It's a MINI!

Got it? It's a MINI!

And a New Subset Emerges . . .

As I write up these witty, pithy statements about the B4B plates I encounter, I’m struck by something new: the prevalence of license plate frames. Not just ones that say things like “Skiers do it in the powder,” or “my kid beat up your honor student,” but just simple, *classy* ones the hit you over the head, yet again, with the brand of car you’re looking at.

This is helping me to understand the psychopathology of these immodest show-offs. They’re truly doing all they can to make it clear just how much they spent on their car. That’s the prime motivation here. And, like a good advertisement, they understand that repetition is the key.

So, yesterday, I started a new category on the blog called LameFrame. If you’re looking for the trifecta of regular car branding, license plate branding, and license plate frame branding, look no further!

DIVABMW – When you know you’re great!

You’re awesome. You drive a Beemer. Celebrate! Tell the world! Put it on a plate! Not the world, that is, but your awesomeness!

A beautiful day on the freeways of Southern California, with light traffic ahead, and what shows up? DIVA does! 


How many ways can I say "BMW"?

How many ways can I say "BMW"?

Thanks for the great photo op. Now I know how to spell BMW! I missed it the first time. Almost got it right the second time, but still wasn’t sure. But, ah, the third time was the charm! Thanks for making it clear!

KIMS ML – Tres Specific

A unique theme among the proud Benzer is drilling down to the model. It’s as if to say, “we all know what we’re talking about there. A Benz is the ONLY car. So what’s important is WHICH Benz.” Yeah. Keep drinking the Kool-aid.

Kim, to you I apologize. The picture isn’t great. It doesn’t demonstrate your shiny rims, or your limo tint – both worthy upgrades, to be sure. But, alas, I was able to capture your slam-it-down-my-throat license plate frame. Now that must have been hard to find! It’s all black and scripty! Wow wee!

I’m starting to think that maybe the problem with a Mercedes is, it doesn’t say “Mercedes” on the back. So smartees like Kim are taking matters into their own hands. And think of the brilliant company that brought the “Mercedes” license plate frame to market! All of these people are outdoing Mercedes itself!

OK, that’s enough. I’m getting ML fatigue.


Guessing . . . Mercedes - Right?

Guessing . . . Mercedes - Right?