And a New Subset Emerges . . .

As I write up these witty, pithy statements about the B4B plates I encounter, I’m struck by something new: the prevalence of license plate frames. Not just ones that say things like “Skiers do it in the powder,” or “my kid beat up your honor student,” but just simple, *classy* ones the hit you over the head, yet again, with the brand of car you’re looking at.

This is helping me to understand the psychopathology of these immodest show-offs. They’re truly doing all they can to make it clear just how much they spent on their car. That’s the prime motivation here. And, like a good advertisement, they understand that repetition is the key.

So, yesterday, I started a new category on the blog called LameFrame. If you’re looking for the trifecta of regular car branding, license plate branding, and license plate frame branding, look no further!

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