Wow – this one was a nailbiter. I was with the family walking around, I think, Paso Robles. Nice old town square, central California wine country, rife with the vacationing older couple set. To be expected, for sure. But how classic was it to find Samy (Sammy?) and his wife strolling back to their SL. And, how do I slyly take a photo without explaining to this nice couple that I find them totally lame? Such is my predicament.

I will say that I was good and sly about it – so much so that my son noticed the plate a minute after the deed was done and sealed in my cell phone camera, and he was going nuts trying to get me to get a pic as the happy couple backed out in their throaty coupe.

So am I too much of a wimp to confront these losers? Next time I’ll try to chat them up, Ali-G-Style.


You didn't get away!

You didn't get away!

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