RAV4MO – Oh, Lordy

OK – now, sure, I don’t REALLY know that MO’s name is Mo and that his initials are MO, but when you come up against a wrdsmythe like MO who has that insane double usage of “4” how can you not believe he’s license-platually gifted? Sure, anyone with a RAV could make this same play, but who does? At least to the BOZO, MO stands alone. Like an island. A rock.

Now, the one opportunity MO missed here was a LameFrame. MO, if only you had taken the opportunity to find some chrome RAV4 bling, you could have had the LameFrame 4 x 4: four instances of RAV4 on the back! You’ve got work to do, MO.

Slo there, MO

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