ROZS350 – Ya Know – Shorthand

Think maybe Roz was a steno clerk back in the day? Nah. More like a Martha Stewart, if you ask me.

I’m seeing Roz as, let’s just say, matronly. Yes, it’s only a 350 (which I guess means it’s an E) but that’s plenty to haul Roz around from the scrapbooking store to the rotary club to the tennis luncheon. From there, she’ll visit the florist for some arrangements and a glass of chardonnay, and then she’ll get home in time for her guided meditation with Hans. She has to be sure to leave home before the nanny arrives with the kids – oh, the noise and disruption!

We all know what’s important in life: a Benz from a dealer in Santa Monica.



STVZ SVT – Hard to Miss

Steve-o – is that some stock Ford Focus you’re driving there? Or has that ride been pimped by Ford’s own Special Vehicle Team? The engineers really added some torque to that baby. And that exhaust and those wheels? I think you’ve basically got a Ferrari on your hands there.

Yellow and stunning!

Yellow and stunning!

LEXASVW – It’s a Trick!

When I see LEX on a plate, I think only one thing: Gold! I’ve struck gold! But I did a triple take on this one and I even had to double back for the pic.

Lexa got me here. Who would have thought, in a gated community in Vegas, that one could even drive a VW?

Kudos to you, Lexa! Be different! And, of course, flaunt it.

HMY4GUY – Two ways to lame

So is that ‘guy’ or is that ‘Guy’ the French way? Either way, I can tell you why it’s lame, but I’m pretty curious here.

No answer, huh? OK, then I’ll just have to break it down either way.

guy = lame. Like there’s a Hummy out there for a woman?

Guy = Lame. A Frenchy driving this? Lame.

And, of course, the color: lame. Sure, it’s hard enough to get noticed out there in a car-stomping monster machine like this, so you’ve got to go for yellow, with a personalized plate. Hopefully, now other people can see you out there.


My photographic skilz here = Lame

My photographic skilz here = Lame

LS RR – A Study in Subtlety

L is a wealthy, wealthy man, living above Wilshire in Beverly Hills. L doesn’t need anything too flashy – and he never even bothered to change the license plate frame that came from the dealer (of course, it does contain the terms “Rolls-Royce” and “Beverly Hills” incidently).

But, hey, L can splurge a little once in a while, so he decided it was just plain OK to indulge his basic transportation with a little personalization. And thus, LS RR was born.



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